If you need a fast & easy way to build an online community purchasing pre-developed social networking software may be your best option. This type of software allows your members to grow your website visually & encourage them to market your website for you!

Phpfox is a very powerful script that will enable any webmaster to create their very own social network site. phpfox is a social networking script and it can be integrated to an existing application to improve your business and solve many of your business needs like providing instant messaging, survey, blog, video module, music module and lot more.
The phpfox script can provide your social network site with all the following functionalities plus a whole lot more-

> The Members create all of the content
> The members promote the content by inviting their friends, therefore giving your site a viral like exposure to new potential members
> Members provide you with juicy marketing research and demographic information by filling out their personal profile Diagram link


> AJAX capability
> Classified module
> Gallery module
> Blog Module, forum module,group module
> Poll module
> Quiz module
> Multi-language Capabilities
> Tags,RSS
> Instant Messenger
> Chat & Shoutbox Modules

> ProTheme Plug-in
> Social Bookmarking
> My Account
> Videos & music module
> Instant Messenger
> Live Chat
> WYSIWYG Editor
> Social Bookmarking
> Advanced Profile Editor

> Advanced User Search
> Blog, Video & Image tagging
> Advanced Admin Control Panel
> RSS Feeds
> Groups
> Events
> User Profiles
> Admin Control Panel

By using phpfox, you can participate in a large and active forum full of members who are willing to help you get started.


No Encryption!

phpFox products are not encrypted. You may view and edit the source code of the software as you please so you can build onto an already powerful product.

2. Active User Community
Join phpFox today and you will join a very large active community that is there to help you. With over 20,000 members and counting and 140,000 posts you will be able to gain a lot of knowledge about phpFox before you get started with your new community.

3. Over 1,300 plug-ins/mods
phpFox is proud of the development community, which has brought all the great hacks, modules, plug-ins and themes to our clients. We now have over 1,200 products for you to download/purchase to enhance your community and improve your members experience when visiting your site even further.

4. 6 Months Free Updates/Support
All of our products come with 6 months of free updates and support, so you can be sure that you will be up-to date with all the latest features we come out with. Note that if you purchase a "Monthly License" you will have access to support and upgrades for the lifetime of your licens

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