Hem Infotech integration solutions provide configurable interfaces for seamless exchange of information with retailers and customers, shipping agents, and payment processors.

Hem Infotech integrators and connectors are available for

> Catalog Management - Item imports, Price updates and other custom catalogs.
> Product Feed Generation for any custom channel
> EDI - for automated orders and shipment notifications.
> Payment Gateway Integration
> Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs
> Shipment Integration
> Order Management for import of orders from custom channels.

Hem Infotech Integration solution includes full integration between the store and the web store. It provides a structure for the web store catalog, allows the retailer free choice of local service providers to help design, build and host the site, exchange data between Retail Pro and their web store, Pro report and analysis products to track web store sales, compare profitability, learn the most effective types of merchandise to post, judge effective promotions from ineffective ones, and so forth.

Hem Infotech ecommerce Insight specialists facilitates our clients with the application integration that provides secure and efficient vendor-customer communication vehicle, streamlines and automates end-to-end business transactions, reduces redundant work and errors sources and have considerable experience in brining e-shops, e-procurement systems, marketplaces and auctions into accord with applications that companies currently use

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