Ecommerce business solution



We the Hem Infotech team is here to provide you with a very accurate ecommerce Business that befits our clients with the shape of the economy and ever changing goods prices.

We enhance our client ecommerce business by providing them with:

> Flexible Shopping Cart
> Single Page Checkout
> Real-Time Shipping
> Physical & Digital Products
> SSL Secure Checkout

> Custom Tax & Discounts
> Track Orders & Payments
> Online & Offline Payments
> Affiliate Program
> Up-sells & Cross-sells

E-commerce Web site is right for your business:

There are several ways to reach new customers, get them to know you better and have them keep coming back for more. Using Internet for conducting e-commerce will assure you of being able to compete favorably with large established competitors and provides a global audience of potential customers and it never closes.

The concept of e-commerce is all about using the Internet to do business better and faster. It is about giving customers controlled access to your computer systems and letting people serve themselves. It is about committing your company to a serious online effort and integrating your Web site with the heart of your business.

In order to do business, you also need a way to take orders and process payment. In a retail store there are no orders. Customers simply find the products they want, get in a line at the register, and pay the cashier. In e-commerce, orders have to be placed and items shipped. Orders are usually handled through interactive, online forms. Money is another issue easily handled in traditional commerce. Customers in a retail store pay by check, cash, or credit or debit cards. Online customers cannot pay by cash or check, only through electronic means. Also, there are issues of security that surround online payment that do not come into play in the traditional bricks-and-mortar world. E-commerce transactions have to take place through secure electronic connections and special merchant accounts for accepting payment.

Ecommerce Business Solution

> Product Management
> Manage unlimited products/categories
> Color swatches for product images
> Advance Search for products
> Copy products to multiple categories
> Real-time product updates
> Manage display order of products/category
> Volume discounts
> Set products pricing to multiple customer types

Order Manemagent

> Manage orders online
> Manage order status: sent, pending, back-ordered
> Manage shipping methods (UPS, FEDEX etc.)
> SSecure credit card payments (Ccnow, Paypal, etc)
> Manage / Print past orders
> # Manage detailed order history

Customer Management

> Manage customer profiles
> Manage multiple customer types
> Volume discounts as per customer type

Inventory Management

> Product Level Inventory Control
> Real-Time Product Inventory Tracking
> Quantity in Stock Inventory Report
> Inventory Control on Product Purchases.

Shopping Cart

> Category Drill-Down
> Secure On-Line Ordering and Checkout
> Multiple Payment Methods (Master card, Visa card etc.)
> Multiple Shipping Methods (Ups, Fedex)
> Email Notification of Orders (To Customer and Admin Both)
> Shipping Calculated On Checkout Process
> Manage Customer Billing, Shipping Information
> Update Product Quantities from Cart
> Hot and Featured Product Listings

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