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Adobe Flex is a software development kit released by Adobe Systems for the development and deployment of cross-platform rich Internetapplications based on the Adobe Flash platform.

Flex is the product of Adobe and it is free open source framework for creating and maintaining web applications.Flex applications can be written using Adobe Flex Builder or by using the freely available Flex compiler from Adobe. The work on the Flex SDK has been focused around three primary themes:

> Design in Mind: it provides a framework that helps you to support a new degree of lucidity, clarity, easily enabled with tools without many efforts.

> Developer Productivity: enhancing compiler functioning, performance and adding productivity to language features like data binding.

> Framework Evolution: by incorporating the new characteristics in flash the common use-case features are added Flex is a way to develop Flash applications by programming.

It includes a declarative XML language called MXML for laying out user interfaces, and a programming language called ActionScript with extra features like optional static type checking.
Flex applications compile directly into SWFs (Flash binaries), which are then Just-In-Time (JIT) compiled by the Flash runtime, for extra speed.

based on ECMAScript, your JavaScript knowledge is not lost. All MXML components are actually written in ActionScript, which you use if you want to write your own components.
You can download the free command-line Flex compiler to create static SWFs, and you can deliver these from your web site without paying any fees. The compiler, framework, and debugger are all free, so there's no reason to avoid using Flex.
You can buy the Flex Builder IDE to help you create Flex apps. It contains the features like auto completion, context help, debugging, and even a GUI layout tool.
The layout tool can give you a quick start when you're beginning a design.

Features of Flex:
> User Friendly Controls
> Easy to Use Containers
> Data modeling
> High level applications Manager
> Event model
> Professional Development tools
> Efficient Deployment tools
> Easy to Use
> Safety and Code Signing
> standard mechanized style sheets
> Flex Component Kit


Flex allows web application developers to efficiently create highly interactive, expressive interfaces for web and desktop applications. The applications built with Flex can reach more users, improve productivity and increase profits.

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